Welcome to HiPipo

Digital, Music, Events

HiPipo (U) Limited, commonly known as HiPipo, is a diversified company with operations covering DIGITAL, MUSIC, EVENTS and SPORTS. Our properties and services include:Digital Marketing Agency (AdBank), Digital Media House (HiPipo), Digital Financial Services division (Prime-Mobile).
Digital Impact Awards Africa, HiPipo Music Awards, Digital Content Distribution (CRBT) and social ventures for health and education are our other properties and services

In February 2006, website development for the current day HiPipo was started. The domain www.HiPipo.com was registered on 29-March-2007. The website www.HiPipo.com was commercially launched on 30-April-2007 as a social entertainment platform with focus on Digital, Music and Events. In 2009, HiPipo (U) Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company.

Our Clients

  • Huawei
  • EABL (UBL)
  • PostBank Uganda
  • Metropolitan Republic
  • MTN Uganda

Company History


  • 2006

    Founded in 2006. HiPipo.com website development started

  • 2007

    Commercial launched in 2007. HiPipo launched as media platform with focus on Digital, Music and Events. HiPipo.com our digital media platform was the first Uganda designed website to lead the social entertainment evolution.

  •  2009

    HiPipo pilots E-Commerce project (EADeals).

  •  2010

    HiPipo pilots M-Health (MyEMDoctor) and M-Learning(AfroExaminer) projects.

  •  2011

    M-Health and M-Learning projects win Indiafrica Contest prize. HiPipo M-Health and M-Learning projects finalist in Orange Africa Challenge and ITU Young Innovators Challenge.

  •  2012

    With Inspiration from ITU and Indiafrica, HiPipo conceptualized and launched Online  Business and People Awards (OBIP Awards).HiPipo executes the first fully online event, HiPipo Charts Festival.

  •  2013

    OBIP Awards project is revised with new strategy and named Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA).
    First HiPipo Music Awards project successfully executed.

  •  2014

    First Digital Impact Awards Africa project successfully executed by HiPipo in partnership with Cyberplc and Global Networks Limited.Second HiPipo Music Awards project  successfully executed

  •  2015

    Digital Impact Awards Africa listed among top 5 major projects to celebrate ITU 150 anniversary.
    Second DIAA executed by HiPipo in partnership with Cyberplc and Global Networks Limited.
    Third HiPipo Music Awards project successfully executed.
    Launch of Prime-Mobile, the digital financial services division of HiPipo.
    Launch of AdBank the Marketing Agency division of HiPipo.
    Launch of CRBT content distribution operations.

  •  2016

    Third  Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) executed by HiPipo in partnership with Adbank, Cyberplc and Global Networks Limited.
    Fourth HiPipo Music Awards project successfully executed .